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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Citroen CCrab

Citroen CCrab

The footballer theme developed to Citroen CCrab concept, drawing inspiration from this small cuba crab, which is small and nimble crab with swarming behavior. I also found design inspiration from crabs overlapping armoring.

Citroen project

It was great working with Citroen such a great brand with interesting heritage. All our design were also tested in EXA´s virtual wind tunnel. They gave us tips of how to improve our designs aerodynamically. It was great and rare learning opportunity for us to get know more about aerodynamics. Citroen was interested in creating a new design language for electric vehicles, what they asked was something that would really stand out from the traffic flow. New proportions and design language for EV´s. I wanted to explore the benefits when moving to this electric era. Finding new possibilities what electric drivetrain allows when designing a vehicle.

First we were asked to develop 3 distinct design directions with different themes. I took inspiration from different sports in how they move and act. First one was sprinter, it´s only about raw power and acceleration. Second was curling theme which main idea was "balancing on a slippery surface" It was a three wheeler, because when curling captain is leading the stone he only has three pivot points. And the third chosen one drew inspiration of how footballer moves on a pitch. Dribbling through the traffic was the key idea. Small and nimble vehicle with ability to go sideways, would allow ev to stand out from the old internal combustion engine vehicles.

Sunday, 23 January 2011